Thursday, 19 April 2012

Massage Number 1

I have had a new flourish of massage clients over the past few weeks which is ace. And I’ve loved meeting new people, massaging old friends for the first time and returning to well massaged bodies for more work too. It’s all ace for me. 
Every time someone rings me or emails me and asks to come for a massage it makes me happy on the inside, not for my wallet. I’m happy that people value the importance of taking care of themselves, looking after their bodies. And they trust me to help them take care of themselves.  It’s a great job, I really can’t complain. 
Every now again you can get a client who just gets you and what you’re trying to do. They completely relax their body into your hands and allow you to work with them and in the end they get so much more out of the massage than just relaxation or looser shoulders or whatever they came in for. They get this calm serene look on their faces. It almost looks a bit like they’re drunk, but drunk on happiness. And when I see that look in people, it immediately reminds me of why I trained and why I’m the luckiest person in the world for getting to do this wonderful job. 


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