Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ode to Sammybean

When I look at my son I see so many things. Sometimes I see his eyes that look like mine. I usually see his mouth that is just like his dads. His cute ready styled hair frames his face beautifully but usually I just see myself in him, bursting with pride. Not just for his good looks, but how his personality is shaping up to be. His pleases and thank yous, bargaining when he wants a bit more time, a bit more food, a new toy. His counting (getting up to 37 without hinting now!), his truly awful jokes (gets them from his Grandpa). And of course don’t forget his love of playing hide and seek. But also his general good nature and general awesomeness, but also when he’s stroking the cat and giving him cuddles and being super gentle with the beast. When he’s gardening with me with his garden gloves on and his spade. When he’s exploring things in his bedroom with his ‘Sam’ superhero cape on. When he randomly says that people are beautiful and then wants to ring them to tell them, the latest being Auntie Sarah who he said ‘looked like a princess on her wedding day’. When he’s tired and he holds onto his ears and when I pick him up to cuddle him he holds onto my ‘big’ ears too. Of course he has his moments when I yell at him, he does naughty things like any other kid, but I try not to remember it!

On the whole I think I’m pretty lucky, in fact I think that anyone who has anything to do with Sammy and any influence over his life is pretty lucky. If it isn't Sammy wanting Grandma cuddles it’s him wanting to feed the fish with Grandad Michael, or playing hide and seek with Chrissy, or being as tall as Uncle Paul. He is so lucky to have so many family and friends who love him but honestly I think it’s everyone in his life who should be lucky to have him enhancing everyone’s lives. Especially mine. 

So here's my thoughts about parenthood. Love them unconditionally. Count yourself lucky that you have children in your life, whether they're yours or not. Just be there with them and never ever take yourself seriously around them! 



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