Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sorry I've been gone....

I've been away from the world for a while now and although I've been working as much as I can and of course looking after my lovely Sammy and attempting to look after my fiance Chris as well, my main job has been growing a baby. I have suffered through my first trimester (totally unexpected, I barely felt pregnant at all with Sammy, this one has been like being hit by a tornado) and I'm now starting to feel 'normal' again. Chris calls it 'blooming'. I call it 'rapid expansion'! But we're happy and well.

Sorry I've not been teaching much, I've tried to make it to most of my classes, I've tried to teach people well but I feel as though I have let people down over the past few months in an attempt at holding on to my precious little foetus. Yoga, for the time-being has been placed on the back burner. However I feel more confident as a teacher now I can focus my attention more on my class and deliver a better class. Although I look a bit funny practicing yoga and demonstrating yoga to the class but if you can bare with me, and most of my students have just been FAB and I can't thank them enough for their support, the classes are becoming more interesting and inspiring every week and I feel as though I'm starting to really come into my own!

I'm now focusing my attention on my workshop this Sunday at The Yoga Space, focusing on a slow flow restorative yoga to start, suitable for everyone and ending with a guided meditation, either sitting or lying down. Ending in the best kind of yoga, chocolate yoga therapy, the best way to end any practice! I really can't wait. I really hope to see some of my Yoga Space students there as well as some other people who I haven't met before!
This workshop is really suitable for everyone, never tried yoga before? No worries. Pregnant? So am I, it's cool. Post natal? What a great way to relax! Medical issues, no problem!

So hope to see you soon, and I hope that my old regulars can forgive my sudden absence from work :)


Jules xx


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